The Review-Master

Magdalena hält den Review-Master aus Holz in die Kamera mit QR Code

Generate more customers for your business!

Climb in the ranking

With more reviews and more followers, you will increase your ranking in the search results on the platforms that are relevant to you.

Better visibility

A better ranking makes you much more visible online. Customers will find you easier and faster when they search for the service you offer.

Reviews on site

Reviews you get from local customers are more valuable to the Google algorithm than those made a few kilometres away.

Generate trust

By having many positive reviews, you build trust with your customers. Who buys from Amazon today without reading the reviews?

17 seconds live demo video

Simple and very efficient

It almost works by itself!

The Review-Master can be used at many points in your customer journey. As a display on restaurant tables, in the waiting area of the hairdresser’s salon, as a billboard after a delicious meal in a restaurant or for the guide after his tours on the road. It can also be used in many places in the hotel, so that guests become curious in a free minute and leave a review within a few seconds.

There are countless other possible uses! Together with you, we develop the perfect and individual solution for you.

Everything from one source

All-round carefree package

We create your individual landing page according to your ideas and corporate identity guidelines, including your logo. We do all the work and you get the product ready for use. You have change requests later? We are here for you and will customise the site for you.

By the way: Our landing page can be displayed in up to 65 languages. This way, each of your customers understands what is expected of them.

We are not finished yet!

How about a digital business card?

With our digital business card, your customers can store all your important information on their smartphone in just a few seconds. Whether email, LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook or Instagram. The list can be extended at will. Including personal photo. That leaves a lasting impression!

Everything at a glance

So that you gain more customers.

  • Made in Germany

    Both the Review Master and the entire service are provided in Germany, GDPR compliant.

  • Sustainable wood

    The Review Master made of wood is made of FSC-certified ash and arouses the curiosity of the customer with its high-quality look.

  • No IT knowledge?

    No problem! We take care of everything. From consulting, to setting up, to maintaining and updating your landing page.

  • Contact possibility

    Make it as easy as possible for your customers to get in touch with you with buttons that directly open WhatsApp, email or phone app.

  • NFC technology

    The Review Master can be used contactless by the customer. Our Review Master is equipped with an NFC chip. Without batteries.

  • QR-Code

    If customers cannot use NFC, they can still scan the QR code.

  • Light & compact

    The Review Master weighs only 55 grams, measures 8x16 cm and fits in any pocket.

  • No app

    Your clients don't need an app to use the Review Master.

  • Business card

    Your customers can save all your contact channels in their mobile phone at the touch of a button. Photo included!

  • All portals

    All portals, websites or other links such as menus can be stored on the landing page.

  • Individual surveys

    Our research experts work with you to create customer surveys that tell you exactly what you need to know.

  • Multilingual

    You have international clients? No problem! We can display the landing page in 65 languages.

  • QR code jungle

    Luca, menu, application portal, etc. Reduce your QR code jungle to one.

What our customers say

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We promise you nothing less than better visibility online, through more followers and more reviews. This will translate into more customers and more sales for your business. What are you waiting for? We are happy to help you.

Magdalena from the team.

Frequently asked questions

Yes! If desired, we can display the landing page in up to 65 languages. This way, your customer is always shown the right language and understands what is expected of him.

No! That's what we're here for and we'll set everything up for you. Including all change requests.

As soon as the customer has submitted a review via the Review Master, it can be seen on portals such as Google and TripAdvisor.

Google may experience delays. This is then up to the reviewer's account.

No! The Review Master is a pure wooden construction with an NFC chip. The NFC chip works without power.

What is NFC? Near Field Communication is a transmission standard for the contactless exchange of data.

No data is collected from the customer's smartphone. is 100% GDPR compliant. Even the IP addresses of the landing page visitor are anonymised.

Basically almost all of them: GoogleMaps, TripAdvisor, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and many many more! It has not yet happened that we could not integrate a platform.